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Raspberry Pi and
Smarter Things
You may not have heard about Raspberry Pi. But if you are just signing on to the Internet of Things trend it is not too late to find out more about this device. I am stubborn however, so I usually like to begin shopping for any kind of device by looking at the mavericks! There are a lot of alternatives to Raspberry Pi like Orange Pi and Banana Pi and ASUS Tinker Board. These are all ARM devices. Don't ask me too much about that; but I have learned that ARM is the new standard in the world of small and tiny computers. The days when my classmates talked excitedly about building the next Motorola or Intel based computer are long gone! What have we just stumbled into? A world of experimenters' wiring and chips and technologies mastered by only an obscure few? Although that is part of the mystique of the Internet of Things there are a lot more ways in which people can participate with this technology. All of these ARM technology small computers are good for things, but for the tiniest systems you need ATMEL; the Atmel 328 and the Arduino chipset. If you are like me however, having just gotten through the iPhone and Android -application craze without much success
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